Harris Drug Store- Woody Guthrie Folk Music Center – Pampa,Tx 320 S Cuyler

…to Woody Guthrie’s second home town, Pampa, Texas and to the Harris Drug Store where Woody worked, sang and played his guitar.

Today I want to invite you to click on the Events and the Don Edwards tab above to see what we have coming soon!!

October 22nd 7 PM


In a rare move, I am posting Don Edwards picture on the front page here to get your attention! I really want folks to know Don is a Woody fan and we are so proud to be able to present YOU with this opportunity to see a living legend here among us. This event is coming up fast, so get your tickets!
OCTOBER 22 ND M.K. Brown Civic Center Pampa, Tx 7 PM

We strive to keep Woody’s words and music alive and to provide a place for the public to visit a little part of Woody’s world. You may come here to learn about, talk about, sing about and add to the
legacy of Woody Guthrie. We have a variety of books, recordings, drawings and pictures from Woody’s life. If you would like to play and sing here you may join us any Friday night for jams and stories and fellowship. You do not have to play an instrument or sing to participate, just pull up a chair to listen or to visit. Everyone is welcome, we’ll be glad to see ya’!

sitting with Gibson


” Songs come to me best when walking down the road. – Well, I get my words and tunes off the hungry folks. – Songs make you feel glad and mad and sad and bad. – Songs are a high art because singing lifts your mind free.
I’m just a little one-cylinder guitar picker. –
I can sing all day and all night – sixty days and sixty nights – but of course I ain’t got enough wind to be in office. –
Love makes the big world little and the little world big. –
This whole crust of a planet is a pretty place to walk around over.

I looked into the lost and hungry faces of several hundred thousand Okies, Arkies, Mexies, and even a lot of New Yorkies, and I got so interested in the art and science of migratin’ that I majored in it – in a school so big you can’t even get out of it”

Woodrow Wilson {Woody} Guthrie

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